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Injuries at Christmas Time

Injuries at Christmas Time - You May Need a Chiropractor?Did you know that people are more likely to injure themselves over Christmas than any other time of the year?

Christmas presents a season of hazards and accidents – all avoidable, yet it happens year after year.

See the most common injuries below

Most Common Injuries at Christmas Time

Pre-existing Injuries

People already suffering from back, neck or other injuries are particularly susceptible to further injury over the holiday season. Whilst these people are often careful all year round not to overexert themselves or move in ways that will exacerbate their injuries over Christmas this tends to be forgotten.  Picking up heavy parcels, twisting, turning and reaching when putting up decorations are the actions most responsible for aggravating pre-existing conditions.  This can cause an increase in back pain or neck pain for example.

Drunk Driving

Alcohol related car accidents are higher at Christmas time than any other time of the year.  Driving under the influence of alcohol results in fatalities and other injuries including broken bones and back and neck injuries which can take many visits to the Chiropractor to relieve.

Falling Over

Every year people hurt themselves putting up Christmas lights.  Accidents occur as people fall from makeshift ladders or even from the house roof.

Work Related Injuries

Deadlines created by Christmas have always been a source of accidents.  Construction workers for example have been known to take greater risks under the pressure of completing a project before a Christmas deadline.  This leads to an increase in falls and other work related injuries – the results of which can be tragic.  


More often than not Christmas candles (even tea lights) are an accident waiting to happen.  Probably as many people use candles as any other time of the year.  However at this time of the year they simply do not think about the hazards involved.  Candles should always be placed in a safe container, out of the reach of children and away from flammable materials – such as your Christmas tree!

Christmas Work Parties

People not only make fools of themselves at Christmas work parties but there are also party related accidents such as falling over or even physical fights.  Being on your best behaviour at the work Christmas party is highly recommended if you wish to avoid embarrassing or even injury related behaviour.

Children and Swallowing

There is a high incidence of accidents caused by decorations that look like chocolate or some form of food.  Young children hurt themselves by biting or swallowing the decorations.  

Children and Glass

Parents that are very diligent all year round can forget at Christmas time the need to keep all potentially dangerous items out of the reach of babies and toddlers.  Christmas baubles hanging low on a Christmas tree are extremely dangerous if made of glass as many are.  

Electric Shocks

Christmas lights are a source of many electric shocks and burns each year.  Unsafe electricity connections and overloading sockets are the main culprits.  To avoid an electric fire Christmas lights should not be left unattended and should always be turned off at night when you go to bed.  

Christmas Cooking

Unfortunately Christmas can be a stressful time.  When under pressure to cook a full turkey lunch for a large number of guests cooking accidents can occur.  Hot pans, fat and stove tops are responsible for many cooking related burns every Christmas day. There are also likely to many more people underfoot in the kitchen adding to the general chaos and risk of kitchen accidents.  Liquid spills on the floor for example create a falling hazard if not mopped up immediately.  

Wrapping Presents

Even the wrapping of presents is responsible for a number of injuries over Christmas. Nasty cuts are caused by sharp scissors.  Other scissor related accidents occur when scissors are not carried correctly and stabbing injuries result.


Children damage themselves every year with dangerous Christmas presents.  Toys responsible for most injuries include foot powered scooters, bicycles and wagons.

Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year from Hawthorne Chiropractic

Hawthorne ChiropracticInjuries at Christmas Time - You May Need a Chiropractor? wishes you all a very happy and importantly safe Christmas season. At Hawthorne Chiropractic we help many people suffering from back and neck pain caused by injuries over the festive season.  Should you have an accident which causes this type of pain we recommend that you also visit your local doctor. We would also like to urge you, that if you do suffer an injury over the festive season that you seek help immediately as delaying will only exacerbate the injury. Please contact us on (07) 3899 4899

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