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Going Back to Work Can Be a Pain In the Neck

There are several reasons why going back to work can be a pain in the neck. 

After a period of relaxation and fun activities you run the risk of getting neck pain once you return to your workplace.

3 reasons are provided below.

3 Neck Pain Causes


Prolonged SittingNeck Pain Causes: How Chiropractic Can Help

If you are an office worker you are likely to go back to many, many hours of prolonged sitting and this can cause you neck (and back) pain.

Research shows that it is office workers rather than those in manual jobs that are more likely to suffer from pain caused by their work.

Inactivity weakens your joints and spine which makes office workers in desk based jobs more vulnerable to spinal damage.  Also sitting incorrectly (poor posture) for long periods of time is a danger to your spinal health.

A study done by the University of Sydney revealed that of the 900 office workers surveyed, 85% of them who spent a full day working on a computer experienced neck pain.  The survey also revealed that 74% obtained shoulder pain and 70% got back pain.

Once you return to work you need to ensure that you are sitting with the correct posture.  You should also take frequent breaks, stand up, walk around and do a few gentle exercises.

This little bit of activity will assist you in avoiding you developing neck back and shoulder pain from prolonged sitting.

For more information about pain caused by poor posture at work you may want to read this article.




After the holidays you may start commuting to and from work each day.

A study conducted in the UK in 2014 revealed that almost around 73% of London commuters blame back, muscle, neck or joint pain on travelling to and from work.

Commuters in private vehicles are more likely to gain neck, muscle and back pain travelling to and from work.

The study found that 64% of car commuters attributing pain to their daily drive to and from work.

It has thus been proved that commuting on a regular basis can have a detrimental effect on the body which if not dealt with can lead to long term joint and muscle damage.


High Heels

Once you don your high heels as part of your work attire you risk staining your neck and lower back.

High heels cause a shift in your posture.

Wearing high heels changes the angle of your body so that your weight isn’t evenly distributed over your spine.  This abnormal weight-bearing posture affects the whole body and extensive use of high heels can result in long term health risk.

We recommend that you wear flat shoes such as joggers when commuting and change into your high heels once at work if you have to.

It is also best to avoid stiletto heels, a more square or platform heel will provide better support for your body.

Furthermore even flat shoes pose spinal problems unless they fit well and provide stability.  It is best to wear a variety of different types shoes, high heels, medium heels and flat shoes.  This will best protect your body from the possibility of long-term spinal problems.


Chiropractic adjustments for Neck Pain

It may surprise you to know that neck pain is the second most common problem that Chiropractors treat.  The most common condition is lower back pain.

Most neck pain is caused by abnormalities in the muscles, nerves, ligaments, tendons, discs as well as in the joints and spinal nerves.  This is usually caused by prolonged wear and tear, poor posture and overuse as described above – it has been found that long term poor lifestyle choices are more likely to damage your spine than through accidents or manual lifting.

An adjustment program usually includes manual adjustments which involves precise chiropractic adjustments and gentile soft tissue therapy.  The aim of this adjustment is to return motion to restricted spinal joints and also to improve the overall mechanics of the spine.

An adjustment program will also involve rehabilitation exercises.

Finally, your Chiropractor will provide postural advice to help you prevent these problems from recurring.


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