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The Advantages of Latex Pillows

Advantages of Latex Pillows, Types of Latex PillowsAlthough many people didn’t know that latex pillows even existed a few years ago, latex is becoming one of the most popular materials in beds and pillows. There are three different types of latex: natural, synthetic and blended. Natural latex comes from the sap of rubber trees, synthetic latex is made from petrochemicals and blended latex is a combination of the two. While synthetic latex often smells like chemicals, natural latex pillows are environmentally friendly and scent-free. Read on for more info on the advantages of latex pillows

5 Advantages of Latex Pillows


Most consumers believe that the biggest benefit of latex pillows and mattresses is their amazing comfort level. Since latex is extremely dense, it holds its shape and softness for much longer than cotton. Its elastic properties allow it to flex throughout the night so that your sleep is never disrupted.


Latex pillows offer the perfect combination of firmness and support. While latex is fairly firm, it is not so firm that it hinders the optimal support of your head and neck area. Latex pillows adjust to your movements and won’t go flat for many years. This means that they never need to be “fluffed.” Whether you sleep on your back or on your sides, latex will provide great support for a great night’s sleep.

Allergen Free

All types of latex are mildew-proof and antimicrobial. Latex pillows will not support the growth of dust mite populations or other common allergens. This makes it ideal for people suffering from allergies. People who are sensitive to chemical smells should opt for natural latex over synthetic latex due to the latter’s chemical scent.


Although cotton pillows and mattresses are often slightly cheaper than latex sleep products, latex is much more durable and longer lasting than cotton. All types of latex are extremely durable and provide many years of relaxing sleep. Latex sleep products typically have higher user-satisfaction ratings due to their amazing durability. Unlike most bedding materials, latex pillows and mattresses will hold their shape for ten years or more.

Easy Maintenance

Since latex is already a sterile material, caring for it is very easy. Latex products don’t need to be cleaned often, but when they do need to be cleaned, they should not be soaked in water. Latex pillows should be spot-cleaned with soap and water before drying completely. Don’t put the pillowcase back on until the pillow is completely dry.

There are so many different kinds of pillows and mattresses on the market today. Choosing the right one for you is very difficult. You will spend approximately one third of your life sleeping, so make sure that your pillow is high quality and provides optimal neck support. Latex pillows are a great option with an array of amazing benefits. Try one out for yourself and let us know what you think!

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