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Invest in Chiropractic Care

With the popularity of chiropractic care continuing to grow, many new potential patients are seeking information on the costs of chiropractic care. This will vary depending on how long you need chiropractic care.

5 different levels of care that effect overall costs

  1. Relief Care –  the initial care that results from whatever influenced you to visit our clinic.
  2. Corrective Care – once your main symptoms have improved, further visits aim to increase strength and to retrain your soft tissues and muscles for longer lasting changes.
  3. Maintenance Care –  Just like brushing your teeth this stage is aimed at helping to avoid relapsing. It involves periodic visits when you are symptom free
  4. Preventative Care – These visits may be once a year like an annual check up. This helps to catch any small issues that may become more serious.
  5. Wellness Care – This varies depending on the unique circumstances and goals of the client. This care is aimed at helping you to be everything you can be. 

We believe it’s our responsibility to offer recommendations for your optimal health based on our training, education, and clinical experience. However, it’s Your responsibility to decide the level and length of care that you want undertake to achieve your goals. This will affect the cost of your care.

How much is your health worth to you?

Health Insurance

Check your health insurance to see if it covers chiropractic. This will help provide an additional saving.  The amount of coverage depends on the specific policy and there maybe a yearly limit on appointments and total payments.

As more research continues to show the benefits of chiropractic adjustment, more insurance policies are covering adjustments.

Long term chiropractic care may save you from spending large sums of money on prescriptions and medical testing, so keep that in mind when considering costs.

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