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Our 100% Pure Natural Latex Pillows

Our 100% pure natural latex pillows are softly sculpted to provide optimum support and comfort for a great night’s sleep. These pillows last much longer than similar products and hold their shape through many long nights of restful sleep. Unlike the traditional “up and over” pillows that cannot provide the support you need, these contoured cervical pillows are perfectly designed to support your head and neck.

If you feel you might benefit from a latex pillow, contact us to organise a time to be fitted for one.

Support and Design

Your neck and head are more fragile than you may believe. Prolonged periods of insufficient support leads to an array of problems such as chronic headaches and powerful neck pain. We ensure the optimal level of support by fitting every customer with a pillow that works for their body shape and size. When traditional retailers don’t pay attention to your body type, they put you at risk of further problems and disrupted sleep. Your body should lie in an almost exactly neutral position if possible.

The perfectly shaped design of our latex pillows also promotes open airways and easy breathing. By supporting the head and neck, the pillow naturally positions your airways in the optimum position for breathing. The pillows are designed for optimum comfort. This allows for a deeper, more restful night’s sleep.


Contact us to discover the benefits of sleeping on a latex pillow


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