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Chiropractor Carina Heights Area

Hawthorne Chiropractic has been servicing the Carina Heights area for many years (we opened in 2002). If you live in Carina Heights and are looking for a professional and experienced chiropractor, let Nicholas Armitage (owner/operator of Hawthorne Chiropractic) take care of you.

Hawthorne Chiropractic – 15 Minutes From Carina Heights

Located at 317 Hawthorne Road, we are just a 15-minute drive from Carina Heights. And as many of our local clients will attest—we are worth the drive! In fact, some people spend a lot more time than that in their car, driving a much further distance to make sure they secure an appointment with us. We’re also proud to say that we have many interstate and even overseas clients who never fail to drop in when they are in the local area.

We are a trusted chiropractor with an established reputation from years of service.

Chiropractic care by Nicholas Armitage

Chiropractor carina heights area nicholas armitageNicholas Armitage has made a name for himself as the happy, smiling and highly professional face of Hawthorne Chiropractic.

It’s not just his decade’s experience that attracts clients, it’s also his personable nature and dedication to the best possible chiropractic care for each individual.

Nicholas likes to get to know each of his clients and understand their needs so he can tailor the best possible care plan.

Nicholas is experienced in using a number of different chiropractic techniques to improve motion and reduce pain.  Unless you specify a particular approach, Nicholas will select the approach he believes will be of greatest benefit to you.

Techniques used include the Gonstead technique, the Diversified technique, and the Pierce-Stillwagon technique.

There are many reasons why people come to Nicholas, usually, it is for treatment to reduce pain with the following being the most common types; back pain, neck pain and headaches.  The most common causes of these types of pain include; accidents (whiplash can be treated), sprains or damage that may have been the result of overuse or misuse of muscles or joints, and also sports-related injuries.

Your First Visit

Your first consultation with Nicholas will be quite extensive, it will include:

  • obtaining a full medical history
  • a recording of your vital signs
  • a visual and hands-on inspection of your spine, the bones, muscles and soft tissues
  • conduction of your neurological function including your cranial nerves, motor and sensory nerves
  • an orthopedic examination which inspects movement and identifies any health conditions that need treatment

Based upon this extensive evaluation, Nicholas will provide a diagnosis which he will discuss with you in-depth.  He will also provide you with treatment options and an assessment of these options including any potential risks and of course the expected benefits.

Book an appointment

If you are looking for a Carina Heights Chiropractor, book an appointment with Nicholas at his Hawthorne clinic, call us on (07) 3899 4899 or visit our contact us page for more information.

PS You do not need a referral to see a chiropractor unless you are seeking treatment through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs or under Medicare’ Chronic Disease Management Program.

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