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Chiropractor East Brisbane

If you live in East Brisbane and need chiropractic care, then consider Hawthorne Chiropractic.  Our staff offers years of experience and friendly service. Schedule an appointment at our modern clinic today to experience the benefits of excellent chiropractic adjustment.

How Chiropractors help

As we all know, back pain is the most common condition treated in chiropractic clinics but chiropractors can also help with all different types of pain. Most customers schedule appointments on a regular basis in order to maintain their pain-free life.

For those that are new to chiropractic adjustments, they can also reduce the risk of future pain and our staff promise a comfortable experience the entire time. Our focus is to ensure the proper alignment of your musculoskeletal structure. The adjustments often include hands-on, gentle manipulations of the body as well as some alternative methods.

Whether you are scheduling your first chiropractic adjustment or rescheduling your monthly visit, our top priority is to keep you comfortable and improve your overall health.  We take our service and safety very seriously and you will be in professional and caring hands at Hawthorne Chiropractic.

Our Clinic near East Brisbane

The Hawthorne Chiropractic clinic is conveniently located for residents of East Brisbane who are looking for a professional chiropractic clinic. Hawthorne Chiropractic clinic is just eleven minutes from East Brisbane.

Our clinic works with patients of all ages, with all kinds of pain. From the very young to the elderly, we take pride in serving our community which includes residents of Hawthorne, Norman Park, East Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

You only get one body during your life so take care of it and come visit us here at Hawthorne Chiropractic. The sooner you visit, the sooner that pain will be relieved!

We are located at 317 Hawthorne Road, Hawthorne – just up from the Hawthorne Garage/Deli.

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